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    The statutory documents, and in particular the 15 March 2000 Order, concern pressure element operators.

    From periodic inspection to requalification of your appliances, MAXIMATOR France brings you its expertise and experience of more than 25 years in the field of UPE (Under Pressure Equipment)

    From the implementation and achievement of the hydraulic test to a complete requalification, MAXIMATOR France guides you and assists you in all the regulatory procedures to ensure a proper follow-up of your under pressure equipment.

    Beyond the lifecycle, MAXIMATOR France, guides and advises you in all the procedures related to the modifications and repairs of your pressure appliances.

    Taking into account their classification with respect to the French regulations, MAXIMATOR France ensures you an adapted intervention.

    Accompanied by a complete regulatory administrative file, MAXIMATOR France ensures you a complete follow-up of your UPE in compliance with legislation and safety rules.

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