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    Born from the merger of two French leaders in the high pressure equipment and generator sector, MAXIMATOR France has become a reference in its 30 years of history, experience and expertise.


    Operating in increasingly technologically and economically demanding markets,
    MAXIMATOR France is facing the everyday challenges of high-pressure engineering
    in the face of increasingly constraining standards and certifications.


    MAXIMATOR France offers to its multiple customers innovative solutions, adapted to the demands of cutting-edge fields such as R & D in industry, energy and research, thanks to its team, its R & D, manufacturing and testing capacities, all the while being based  40 minutes away from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport.


    MAXIMATOR France has a history of savoir-faire with a high-performance after-sales
    service team available to carry out maintenance operations in France and abroad.

    Finally MAXIMATOR France is also a solution for the training of your teams of engineers, technicians and assemblers in the use and maintenance of all high pressure components.

    The total satisfaction of our customers is obtained through the use of a flexible and efficient Quality System, allowing a real-time evolution of our organization.

    MAXIMATOR France has been certified since 2000:

    iso 9001